Abandon Average Challenge

Welcome to the Abandon Average Challenge! I will be adding in a video below explaining what we’re doing here, but don’t forget to subscribe to the Abandon Average Mailing list to stay motivated and receive important updates!

In essence, this challenge is intended for people who want to rise above and be the best that they can possible be. I fully believe that we were never intended to be on this Earth to live “averagely”. We’re here to become the best at what we do and help those around us! So let’s Abandon Average and work towards being the best version of ourselves. This challenge is intended to help you build momentum and accomplish your life’s goals whatever they may be. Mine currently revolve around Mind, Body, and Spirit as I believe that’s what I need to become the best at what I do and help all of those around me. I look forward to hearing yours!

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It’s Time To Abandon Average

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