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How To Get Organized and Stay Organized Part 1

Several weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to present at a breakout session during Delta Sigma Pi’s Las Vegas LEAD. Besides the fact that Las Vegas was an amazing time (and I only lost $20 gambling haha) I had several great conversations regarding getting your life organized and keeping it that way. I wanted to upload the PowerPoint that I presented for everyone and the link is below, but if you stick with the rest of the post I’ll go into a lot more depth than just the ppt.

Here is the download link for the PowerPoint: Download Here

Pain Points

So first off, let’s talk about pain points. What issues or pain do you feel that stem around your inability to organize yourself appropriately? Here’s what we came up with.

  • Always feeling rushed
  • Stressed
  • Late for everything

It is clear that clutter, disorganization, and the inability to maintain organization adds to and causes stress in our daily lives. So how do we fix this and eliminate these pain points? The following steps are split into activities that you can do for 1 hour per day during the first week and then maintain for 15-30 minutes after that. By completing these tasks you can easily become organized and stay that was for the rest of your life!


Day 1: Clear Away Clutter!


It’s easy to feel distracted when there is clutter around. Anything that you may have on your to-do list is that much harder to do when all you can think about is how messy your room is. This same principle applies to everything, including your desk and workspace. So get rid of it!

In regards to your desk, make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. Pens, scissors, glue, all goes in a drawer, any reference materials need to go away and off the desk. If they’re used often then they can go within reach. Just make sure it’s cleared! Then apply this to your room or workspace. Just clear away the clutter. If there is a lot of clutter, then just take one hour per day. That’s it. All you have to do. Put that towards cleaning out your room.


Day 2: Focus, Think, and Execute.


You can’t clear your life and get organized if your mind is just as cluttered. If it isn’t relevant to your life than trash it. That is easier said than done when our society fills our heads with irrelevant things to care about, but focus on you, your family, and your friends. Bettering those around you! If your clutter isn’t just in your head and on paper as well then trash it, file it, delegate it, respond to it, or scan it! Just get rid of it!

A great method for helping to clear out your mind is to meditate. It sounds rather strange, and I had the same reaction I’m sure you’re having now, but it’s wonderful for clearing out your mind and it will help you sleep better at night!

Since this is getting long I’ve decided to split it into 3 parts. Stay tuned for Part 2 soon!

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