The Art of Millennial Networking

When it comes to networking, there is always more to learn. Too many times people try to grow their business card pile instead of their relationships with others. I will show you why someone with a LinkedIn Network of 200 may be more valuable than your 500+ connections. This sessions goes into detail on cultivating relationships, providing value, and creating a network in college that will result in multiple job offers upon graduation; even some you may have never expected!

How To Win At College

College can be overwhelming for many reasons. New experiences to be had while growing into adulthood can be difficult to balance. This session will help you with tools you need to navigate a successful college lifestyle including time management techniques, work-life balance importance, the impact of mentor-ship, and the value of extra-curricular activities so that you can be ready to tackle the challenge and feel a little more prepared to do so.

As a freshman I enjoyed listening to Nick Rizzi because it was comforting knowing someone wasn’t perfect to start with, but success is completely attainable through [the topics] discussed.

Akansha Ashokan
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