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Wearing Your Tech

Technology has been making unbelievable advancements over the last 20 years. The
microchip in the simplest smart phone has more capabilities than the computer that helped put
man on the moon, and that technology is in the pocket of almost every citizen of the Westernized world. It makes the general public wonder: “Just what is next?” The answer to this is wearable technology, and the more important question is: “How will this change my life?”

The past year has revealed a lot of new toys and gadgets for the tech geek. From Pebble’s
new smartwatch, to Google Glass, to Fitbit’s Fit Trackers,technology is reaching far beyond
phones and computers.

Google’s Glass

The new watches allow emails, messages, and phone calls to come right to your wrist, Glass will allow maps to be displayed right over your retina in addition to the ability to make video calls, and Fitbit can track your calories burned, diet, and even number of stairs climbed. All of these gadgets are designed to be worn all day, every day, maximizing portable technology in ways that have never been done before.

So how does this affect you and why should you care? Wearable tech is changing the way that we operate on a day to day basis, and it is ripe to take advantage of it to improve yourself.
Here is an example scenario to help illustrate my point. You wake up and today is that big
presentation for your final grade. You put on your smartwatch, download the time countdown
app, and set the timer to five minutes. Thankfully the watch vibrates when you are nearly out of time, unbeknownst to your classmates and professor, and you finish as five minutes is up, while your peers may be penalized for going over. After class the computer on your Glass pops up to alert you that you need to leave in the next ten minutes to get to that interview for your dream job on time, and even provides you navigational directions to allow the fastest route. You manage to get there early, giving you time to mentally prepare for an astounding interview. At the end of this busy day, it is finally time to head home. Just as you are about to press the elevator button, your fitness tracker beeps to alert you that you have not met your stair climb goal for the day and your roommate is beating your score. Ok, what is a few flights in the name of health?

Pebble and Pebble Steel

Fitbit Force

So all of this tech seems like it could be a great thing, but there is always a downside like
Fitbit’s recent recall of their new Force line for skin irritation, or the recent outlawing of using Glass while driving in California. For now, all we can do is look towards the future to see how this is going to affect school, the workplace, and our everyday life. It raises the question though, is all this tech too much? Where do we draw the line between human and robot?

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